mogi mogi vegan milk bath collaboration with Emily Creative

mogi mogi vegan milk bath

You may have seen this beautiful milk bath image on our Instagram. We collaborated with the EMILY CREATIVE  a graphic design and branding studio.

We initially found Emily’s work through Instagram (power of social media!) and fell in love with all the beautiful photos.

In today’s blog, we will take you to behind the scenes of her work that she has posted on her Instagram story.

behind of the scenes of a vegan milk bath


About milk bath photography


Milk bath photography is popular among moms who are looking for some great, adorable pictures of their newborn (and even older) babies.  The photographs that you can get when giving your baby a milk bath can be some of the cutest, and sure to be ones that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Try VEGAN milk bath that soften your baby's skin

If you use our soothing Yomogi and Oats bath pack, you can create earth friendly"vegan" milk bath that is not just cute but also help sooth your baby’s skin.   Whether your baby is suffering from eczema, a different rash, or even itchy, dry skin that tends to happen during the dryer seasons, giving your baby a mogi mogi vegan milk bath is a fantastic way to help make their skin feel better.  The gentle ingredients used in our bath packs are perfect for your little one’s skin - made with all natural, vegan ingredients, such as soothing, organic yomogi, organic oatmeal, and dead sea salt. The ingredients work together to soothe and soften your baby’s skin, hydrating as your baby plays and enjoys the water.

This beautiful vegan milk bath is made 100 % with our vegan & all natural soothing bath pack.

Step 1. The first thing that you do to give your baby a mogi mogi vegan milk bath is to start the bath - turn on the faucet to ensure that the temperature is nice for your baby, and then take the mogi mogi bath pack, open it up, and hold one of the cotton filled bags and hold it under the faucet, squeezing it in with the water as it flows into the bathtub.  This allows the botanical essence of all ingredients to infuse the water, creating a hydrating, soothing bath for your baby.

vegan milk bath using oatmeal bath pack

This mogi mogi bath pack contains three cotton pouches.  The 100% natural and organic bath packs are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and soothing to help your baby’s skin feel better, especially during eczema flare-ups.  With these bath packs, there is no need to add anything extra into the bathtub - not even soap! The cotton bath pouch can be used as a washcloth, helping soothe your baby’s skin even more as your rub the contents in.

Step 2. Allow your baby to get into the bath and relax, soaking in the mixture of the packet’s contents and the water.  While the ingredients work together to create a soothing milk bath for the baby, you can feel at ease that the product is going to relieve your baby’s eczema symptoms and discomfort.  While your baby is soaking in the bath, make sure you skip the soaps - you can use the cotton bath bag as a washcloth for your baby, allowing the ingredients to better soak into your baby’s skin.  The bath pouch can be used to clean your baby from head to toe, so no need for additional soaps or shampoos that can irritate baby’s skin further.

This adorable little one waits eagerly for her bath to fill, where she will be able to splash and play happily while the mogi mogi bath helps to hydrate her skin!

Step 3. After bathing your baby, simply rise out your bathtub and discard the bath pack that you used.  You will be able to feel great about the product even after you’ve used it on your baby, as all the bath bags (as well as the good-for-your-skin ingredients are biodegradable!  When you are toweling off your baby, be sure to gently pat your baby’s skin instead of rubbing, which can cause itchiness and irritation.

how to make vegan milk bath

This sweet little baby is enjoying a mogi mogi milk bath in a big bathtub!

Emily did make the milk bath using the adult bathtub at first, but she also did a second session using the cute aluminum bucket.

Vegan milk bath in the aluminum bucket

Step1. If you want to make your baby’s bath in a little aluminum bucket like the ones in the photos, simply run some comfortable, lukewarm water into your baby’s bath bucket, or use a large bowl and carry the water from the faucet to the bucket, and then add the bath pack.  Squeeze the pack under the water to release the botanical essences that are necessary to help your baby’s skin and create the perfect tub of water for his or her bath. Since the water in the aluminum bucket will be more concentrated than the water in the bigger adult bathtub, your baby’s skin will get more of a hydration boost, not to mention the cute photographs you will be able to take once you put your baby in the tub!

baby bath photo session using metal bucket

This type of the photo was exactly what we were thinking in our mind! So pretty!

Step2. Once you fill up the tub and add the bath bag, now it’s time to add your baby!  Give your baby a cute rubber duck (think of the photos!), or maybe add a few safe flowers to the tub, too.  Then take the bath bag and use it to clean your baby, remembering not to add any other soaps or shampoos to your baby’s tub.  When you’re finished, simply discard of the bath pack and dry your baby off gently, making sure to pat the skin, not rub, so that you can prevent irritating your baby’s gentle skin.

baby getting into oatmeal vegan milk bath made with mogi mogi baby

The baby is excited to jump in the bath! Our bath bag is about 4 inches by 4 inches. Using one bag is plenty for this small baby bath.

This is what a mogi mogi baby bath pack looks like. It is nicely wrapped in all natural cotton, which you can use as a washcloth because of how soft and gentle it is on your baby’s skin.

organic oatmeal bath pack gluten free

To give you a better idea on guidelines for use, one bag is perfect if you only fill the adult tub halfway with water. If you are filling the adult bathtub all the way with water, then you can use 2 bags.

baby smile in the vegan milk bath photo session

Look at this happy smile!!

Like we enjoy the spa, your baby would enjoy the spa bath experience that comes from a mogi mogi vegan milk bath!

Mogi mogi baby bath packs are made with all natural ingredients that will soothe dry skin, eczema and diaper rash. It cleans and moisturizes while you are bathing your baby. You don’t even need to use soap, as you can use the bath bag to wash your baby from the tips of their heads down to their toes.  Simply add one bath pack into your baby’s bath water and magic will happen! Your baby will have soothed, happy skin and you will have plenty of photos to remember the occasion!

We thank Emily for all the beautiful photos and work!