How do I use the bath pack?

Place the cotton bath pack under the warm water for about 1 to 2 minutes. Gently squeeze the bag releasing the botanical essence. Rub your baby's body, face and head with the bag. There is no need to rinse the residue from the baby.

Do I need soap too?

You don't have to use soap. The bath pack contains Yomogi and oats which both have cleansing properties. 

There are no bubbles, is it really cleaning?

Yes, it works. The molecules in the water are what's cleaning.  Bubbles are trapped air and do not affect the cleaning process.   Regardless, many soap manufacturers add chemicals specifically to create bubbles throughout washing, just to satisfy people when they look in their machine.  mogi mogi is very mild and removes dirt and oils. 

Can you wash the pubic area?

Yes. Until 12 months old, there is no need to use soap. If your baby is 1 year or older, you may use a mild soap to clean only pubic area. The rest of the body should be cleaned with the mogi mogi bath pack. 

What is the dark film on the tub after bathing?

The film left behind is the active ingredient, Yomogi.  Don't be alarmed. It is totally safe and easy to clean.  It should rinse off with water.

How do I use on the hair and face?

Gently squeeze the cotton bag on your palm. Use your hand to gently rub the face and hair. 

Is the bath pack hypoallergenic?

Yes, mogi mogi soothing bath pack is hypoallergenic. We use food-grade plant based ingredients that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. However it is advised to first test a small area of your skin.

The bag is ripped, what should I do?

We use the most gentle and thin cotton material for the bath pack. In rare occasions, the bag might be ripped due to the excessive squeezing. The ingredients are totally safe.  Please contact us and we will ship you the replacement bath pack. 

What do I do with the bath pack after using?

You may dispose the bag. Both the cotton bag and its contents are completely biodegradable.

How long is the shelf life?

mogi mogi bath pack is good for 1 year if the bag is not opened. Once opened, we recommend using within 3 months since the bath pack is all natural and free of any type of preservatives. 

Can eczema be healed with bath pack?

Unfortunately there is no products that cure the eczema in a day. Steroids are an effective treatment but even with steroids the eczema could return.  Using our bath pack daily will definitely help the dry skin condition. For more details on maintaining healthy skin, please read our blog.