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mogimogi baby

one mom’s mission to overcome baby eczema & dry skin with a natural remedy



The birth of mogimogi...

When I say, "Our Story", I am referring to my family of co-workers as well as my immediate family which includes my son.  He was the reason and inspiration for creating the first product, the bath pack. 

I was 40 when I gave birth to my son.   He was born with a newborn rash and cradle cap, which is common in newborns.   Back then, I was a carefree mother and never used to pay attention to what I used on my son's skin.  At that time, I was using lotions, shampoos and soaps without knowing they are packed with harmful ingredients. This caused the rash to spread from his neck to his stomach.  Needless to say, I quickly changed my thinking. 

4 months old baby with eczema

Diagnosed at 4 months with eczema

Multiple dermatologists and pediatricians in two different countries agreed on their diagnosis; the baby had, “eczema”.  If your baby is suffering from eczema, I really feel sorry for the little one but please trust me, it will go away if you use the correct treatment.

4 month old baby suffering from eczema

Several doctors suggested steroids but I was wary of unwanted side-effects. I wanted a natural remedy that is gentle and could be used everyday.  After consulting with many pediatricians, dermatologists, and physicians both here in the United States as well as Japan, I finally  found a solution that works.  After extensive research and testing, a combination of plant-based ingredients were assembled from 3 regions of the world.  This unique formula came to be the key to the mogimogi bath pack

One of the active ingredients is Yomogi.  Yomogi is widely known in Japan, Korea, and China as a holistic medicine to treat skin diseases such as eczema, skin rash, acne, and extreme dry skin.  Its anti-inflammatory effect has been confirmed by various studies.  

baby eczema before and after

After consistently using the bath pack, the skin cleared. 

mogimogi bath pack is a result of my determination to find a treatment for my son’s dry skin.  It was a passion project of mine which paid off greatly.  Baby eczema will not magically go away in one day.  It takes effort and time but I want all mothers who are suffering from baby eczema to give it a try.

Since introducing the product, the reviews have been stellar from both the medical profession and the average consumer.  I am glad to have the opportunity to share this product with other parents who want the best for their little one.

mogi mogi baby founder

Founder, Mayumi Recker