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Baby has excema and really dry skin

This 3 in 1 oat bath products has helped my sons skin so much. So soft and smooth whenever he gets out the bath. I tried everything and nothing works like this. I love it. It’s like you need to buy so many at a time. You never want to run out lol that’s how great it is!

It Works!!

I was at my ends wit with trying OTC creams and oils for eczema for my son. Then I was in TikTok strolling when I came across Mogimogi page and started watching videos and reviews. So I’ve tried everything else trial and error so one more wouldn’t have hurt. After a couple baths and using the oil I seen his skin started to clear up . Dark patches were going away and his skin in the cracks of his arms and legs got smooth. He started to itch less and his skin was becoming more smooth. This has been the best investment I’ve made and I could not be more happier!! You’ve tried everything else try Mogimogi you won’t be disappointed!!!


We absolutely love this product! My son has terrible eczema on his arms and legs and we have tried everything. These bath packs make his skin feel so soft and take so much of the redness and inflammation away! Also he normally hates bath time but when I pull these out he absolutely loves his bath! Bought more and bought the oil to try as well!


Trying out the bath pack and falling in love with it had me wondering what the oil was like. I usually hate oils they’re always watery, runny and make a mess. I am so glad I gave this oil a try it’s not like any other I’ve tried. Its consistency is perfect not too thick and easy to handle. I was so shocked on how I did not make a mess. My daughters skin has never felt softer.

Best product I’ve ever used!!! Now only product I use!! Obsessed!!!

To start off I used this product for 30 days so I could give a fair review. Just two weeks in I was already obsessed with it. I love that you can use the bath pack as a wash cloth SO convenient. My daughter does not suffer from eczema but she would break out after eating any solid food. After using the bath packs she COMPLETELY STOPPED BREAKING OUT. My pediatrician recommended a steroid cream!! Of course I declined and prayed to God to help me find a better option that was completely natural. I found Mayumi through tik tok and she is truly an inspiring mother. As mothers we stress about everything and what are the best ways to help our babies. I was looking for something that was just going to help soothe her skin. Instead I found a remedy for more than just that. It also has helped with bug bites and when my daughter has run fevers after a vaccine. I 10/10 recommended this product. Try it out for your little one to see for yourself what the hype is about.


So grateful that Ms. Mayumi took the time to create share with the world what she found to help with her baby’s eczema. All we can do as parents is try everything under the sun until we find something that works/helps with our LOs skin. Every baby’s eczema is different and not everything works but gratefully, this helps smooth and nourish my LOs skin. I use it in an ever changing regimen (as her eczema changes and improves, products that didn’t help before start to help and vice versa). These products, however, remain a constant. Thank you Ms. Mayumi. Your struggle with your LOs eczema back then, became a testimony for many others 🙏🏾

I came across this on Tiktok and decided to give it a try. I ordered the 3 pack one first and saw instantly my sons excema go down!! I can back and ordered the bigger pack. Definitely worth it!!!

Great Products!!-Both Oil and Bath Pack

My daughter has an eczema, and the smoothing baby oil has been keeping her skin flares calm and moist. I have also been using the bath packs, and seen improvements on my daughter’s eczema.

As a parent, what I love about mogimogi baby products are that ingredients are all natural that I am comfortable to use them on my kid.

Best product ever!

My son has bad eczema since he was about 4 months and he had one spot that scabbed up, bleed, and cracked. Since pairing it with the oatmeal bags, this has cleared up a majority of son’s eczema! I didn’t think I would see his back clear up and I almost gave up but this brand, this company made it possible and it is a god sent. Thank you so much for making this and sharing it with the world!

Oatmeal bath

First off the service of this company is sooo amazing. The product is phenomenal! After just one bath, my sons eczema was reduced. Thank you so much


Keeps baby skin super soft and moisturized.

Great product

It works for us!!! Thanks


I am so happy that I finally found something to help my daughter with her eczema. She has always suffered from eczema since being born. We had tried steroid creams/oils but was always skeptical about keep using them and it’s side effects. I’ve tried other natural things but nothing has helped her more than your oil and bath soaks! And it’s only been two weeks of using your products I can’t be anymore thankful and happy for your products! Totally recommend!

Oil and bath bags

I AM IN LOVE WITH THE PRODUCTS! I’ve tried literally everything for my daughter and so far these two products have helped with calming down her itchiness and flare ups. Totally recommend! THANK YOU SO MUCH IM GLAD I FOUND these products.

Love this!!!

My daughter’s skin feels amazing! This product is a must have! Love love lovee

Amazing products

10/10 would definitely be recommending this product to anyone who suffers from eczema! Stopped the itching on my hands just after one use. So happy I found mogi mogi baby for me and my son. Thank you ❤️


After just 2 baths, my daughter stopped itching at her legs which would lead to bleeding from excessive scratching. I will definitely be using this for the long run and already subscribed for the monthly orders to save some money. Mayumi, the founder, is such a sweet kind hearted person. She understood the pain of a parent seeing their child suffer with eczema first-hand and that makes it 10x more meaningful. Forever grateful for finding your amazing product!!

Amazing result after just one use

I must say its incredibly amazing product as my baby was suffering from bad eczema, I just want to go with natural product as baby skin is so delicate and its too early to introduce harsh chemicals. so I did try mogimogi bath bags and this oil. After just one use her skin feels much better I never seen her to not scratch her skin before using this product. she sleep so nice and she is happy that's what I wanted. Truly Magical products.

15 Bath Pack Subscription
Lori Lucena
Keep eczema at bay

I’ve been using mogi baby bath packs consistently for 6 years. They are the only thing that helps soothe my sons eczema.

15 Bath Pack Subscription
The best must-have item for eczema baby!

The oatmeal & yomogi bath works well for my baby’s dry-itchy skin with eczema. His skin used to have more redness and breakout all over his body that caused him cry during bath time. After a week or so with daily use of the bath pack, his bath time changed to fun time, no cry anymore! It’s been one of the essential items for my baby so we started to subscribe it monthly. Thank you mogimogi!!

15 Bath Pack Subscription
KerriAnne Fortier
The best - don’t even need soap!

I first got this for my daughter almost two years ago, when she had Hand Foot and Mouth. The soak was so soothing, I decided to keep using it. I then would use a bath pack every-other time she bathed, so about once per week. But for probably the last 8 months, we have exclusively been using the mogi packs instead of soap. I especially love how soft it keeps her hair - I’ve even stopped “rinsing” her hair (which was always rinsed with the oatmeal soaked tub water anyway). The only time I use soap now is in the summer when her feet get gross wearing sandals. I am truly jealous at how soft her skin is now, and how it retains its moisture even through the dry, cold winter. I Just had my second child and we are exclusively using mogi for her baths too, so I’ve just increased the auto ship frequency. Thank you for making a truly superior product!

Not just for babies!

I have struggled with eczema my whole life. Oatmeal bath has always been comforting but nothing like this! I love that the soft little sachets act like gentle wash cloths and no residue is left behind in the tub. These soaks have really worked when my skin is inflamed and I’m thankful I found your economy pack. Thank you!

Amazing stuff

I bought this because my daughter has extremely dry skin and has eczema. After her baths her skin feels so smooth and she doesn’t scratch her self as much

Wonderful natural bath healing product

Stumbled across mogimogi baby and was intrigued to try as I know the benefits of oats to calm the skin. I am part Japanese and never heard of mogimogi tea but was interested to try anything for my one year old son with bad eczema. After one use, his skin was soft again, so happy with the product that I ordered the economy pack. I love supporting natural healing products, especially started by a Mom who wanted to help her son and share with others.

Rash Healer!

My one month old got a bad rash, doctors were unsure what the irritant was. But needed to bathe her in only frangrance free product. I love this product. Packaging is nice. The bath packs are great. Makes bathing her so simple. She seemed to really enjoy it. Her skin was soothed and soft and the next day her skin improved a lot. No longer had the inflamed redness she had before. Great product. We are fans!!