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Great Service and Product!

This product is fantastic for my baby who had very bad eczema. The product is great and helps soothe his skin and I recommend it to everyone I know. Also the customer service is fantastic!!! Mogi mogi is really invested in their product and their customers. Thank you!

Works wonders and baby enjoy the bath

I have tried so many natural way to control my baby’s facial eczema and this bath bag is the only effective one. I gave it a try from amazon and I can see the difference starting on the third day! so I came to the official site for the subscription. Now it is a daily rountine for my LO to bath in it before going to bed and she absolutely loves it! Since then, she hasn’t use any steroid cream which the doctor prescribed to her. Love it!


Mogi Mogi Baby oatmeal bath packs have made a huge difference in my 2 year old sons eczema! Definitely worth the price!

My son wasn't itchy after baths!

I notice baths with these soaking packs help my son to not be as itchy after bath and calms his skin. I even rub it on his legs and arms as it moisturizes the skin too.

Great for bug bites

After a week off of family fun, some bug bites were inevitable. We love using mogi mogi oatmeal bath pillows to help ease the itch and irritation!

Free Trial - Soothing Yomogi and Oatmeal Bath Treatment

Free Trial - Soothing Yomogi and Oatmeal Bath Treatment


Used this on my son for bath time. He does have very sensitive skin and eczema. We live in Las Vegas and the water is very hard here which doesn’t help. I purchased this in hopes it will help my sons skin soften and it sure did! I absolutely love this product and can not wait to order more!

Great product!!

Was very helpful with my daughter’s eczema. We saw the positive affect after first time use.

You gotta give it a try!

Bath time just got so much better for us thanks to Mogi mogi baby - They legit made her skin SOOOO silky smooth, I’m so impressed! I even left the tub with softest hands.

I really loved it! My baby has suuuuuper dry & sensitive skin so I was a bit nervous to try something new on him because his eczema flares up so easily, but this bath pack left his skin feeling so soft & hydrated! It didn’t flare up his eczema either nor irritate his skin which was such a relief.

It was amazing. His skin felt like we already put coconut oil on it. Which, after him getting over his cold, nourished his skin. 💙 The scent from the combination of ingredients is calming. If I could give kindness a scent, that would be it. I absolutely love it

Literally THE BEST bath product I've ever tried!!

I almost didnt write that review title simply because it sounds too good to be true. But its just the truth. I am OBSESSED with mogimogi. We use it with my seven month old and on my five year old who has horribly dry skin but mogimogi sooths her skin like no other & I noticed how soft my hands were after using it on the kiddos so I'm now addicted too!! Eee!! SO GLAD you guys offer an economy option! Seriously THANKFUL for your product and attention to detail. Cant be beat!!

Excellent Choice!

I love this stuff! I will use it on my child forever. Even the baby soap was giving her a reaction, but this did not. Highly recommend at least trying it out!

Free Trial - Soothing Yomogi and Oatmeal Bath Treatment
Amazing Product

I bought this product awhile back and my niece has had a chance to used within the last 2 weeks. She is in love with it. Her baby's skin is so much better after using. Will be purchasing more for her. Thank you

My daughter enjoyed a baby spa experience...

I used the bath pack on my 13 month old. She absolutely loved her oatmeal bath, so much that she cried when I took her out. The day I used the oatmeal pack she was fussy so this really soothed her. She became calmer and happier. I want to say she had a baby spa experience lol. Afterwards she took a nice long nap!

We absolutely loved mogimogi! It is so smooth, soft, gentle & hydrating to my sons extremely sensitive skin! Since starting to use it he hasn’t had any reactions at all, which has been truly amazing to see. He also loves to play with it in the bath once were done washing and is able to wash himself as well with it at 2 years old. I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to use more natural products for their children or for babies/toddlers/older kids with sensitivity issues! It’s worked wonders for us.

Definitely be using this for the kids nightly bath routine!

Bedtime routine is super important in getting your kiddos to lay down and sleep good. We used mogi migi for the bath, and we loved it! My daughter was excited all day for her oatmeal bath, and we were not disappointed. It was easy to use, and it instantly made their skin softer and I could tell the difference on my hands also. I love that it is all natural and cruelty free, so we feel good about using it! We will definitely be using this for the kids nightly bath routine! My daughter also found it so fun to play with and wanted to bring her "oatmeal pillow" to bed! I highly recommend these oatmeal bath packs for any mama's looking for a good and natural moisturizer for bath time!

My child's life has changed.

My 9 monther has awful continuous diaper rashes and major skin issues, so when a product comes along I am skeptical. I don't want to upset my baby's skin and see any red patches, etc.

When I read and mogimogibabyni thought, well something so simple can't hurt so I decided to take the chance.

I am SO glad I did. Griff's skin is so smooth and refreshed. I seriously feel like we are getting back to that newborn feel and glow.

After just one bath, his yeast-y diaper rash seems to be less red and his skin is so soft and smooth.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Highly recommended!

I am trying to choose natural products for my family. There are so many products claiming to be natural while still containing artificial ingredients. mogi mogi is not. I like that mogi mogi is made with only 3 ingredients that I can trust. This treatment left my daughter's skin very soft and smells so clean without using soap!! I also like you can use the cotton bag as a sponge. Bath time is a challenge for me and this makes my life so much easier! Highly recommended!

This bath pack is super luscious & feels amazing!!

Less is more

Clear evidence that less can be more. The bath bag works and the ingredients are so simple. It's a great example of how nature can do wonders when we let it. I used to be attracted to flashy slogans and packaging without considering the ingredients. Now, I don't put anything in or near my body (or my children) without knowing the ingredients. I am overwhelmed on how well the soak works. I confess- I use it from time to time as well. I am hoping an adult version will come soon! (Wishful thinking)

I tried this with my kids. Their skin and hair are both so soft! And my feet feel so soft!

Love it , want more

I loved them from the cute packaging to the cute soft pouches. My daughter just loved them, left her skin smelling so fresh and so soft. Great for baby skin and I actually want to try one on myself ! Thanks mogimogibaby !

Back again!

Have been a monthly subscriber for 4 months. I originally purchased the bath pack for our newborn but started using it on our 3 three old as well. We love it not only because it works but we continue to use it because its so easy to use.

Took away redness

My little guy has some really bad eczema and we have been looking all over for something to help with it. This product is amazing! It took away redness and his skin is sooooo soft!