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Free Trial - Soothing Yomogi and Oatmeal Bath Treatment

Newborn with eczema

Mogimogi is the only thing that helped my newborn's eczema!


My son has really sensitive skin and some eczema. We’ve used the Mogi Mogi Baby Oatmeal Treatment twice now, and we love it! His skin is so soft and his eczema is clearing up. We let him sit in the bath a few extra minutes because he loves to play in the water and now I don’t have to worry about the water drying out his skin. The bath pack is so easy to use and it means less laundry for me since you don’t need a washcloth! The bath also smells amazing, I want to use the packs for my baths too


I tried the product and it was AMAZING. Not only was it easy to use, it smelt great and my son's skin was SO soft and not dry at ALL after using it. I really want to use it myself to be honest too!

My baby's skin is healing!!

Thank you so much!!! My baby's skin is healing!! He is now 6 months old. I just love your product and cannot describe in words how it made my stress go away in no time. I have recommended your product to my pediatrician as well.

Free trial and then autoship

My daughter was 3 months old with severe eczema when I went looking for something gentle to use in her baths. I LOVE this product and we could see a difference in her skin and itching (less) after using it! It’s so easy with the cotton bag and my daughter enjoyed it. I also love that they use certified gluten free oats- this was big for is bc gluten was a sensitivitity to her and most oats are certified. It makes bath time a soothing experience for them and relaxed afterwards:) Mogi mogi is now another tool in our arsenal to combat her eczema.

Love it

Love how soft my baby’s skin was and problem areas began to clear up

Literally. The. Best

My son has horrible eczema and it took so long to find something that will bring his skin baby soft. After I had discovered this product via Instagram and seeing all sorts of good reviews, I was desperate to try it. Boy it did not dissapoint! My sons skin was doing great after using this product! I love it!

Excellent and wonderfully functional product

Both of my little ones (5 years old and 9 months) suffer from bouts of dry or irritated skin for different reasons. I had looked, and struggled, to find something that worked well and that I could feel good about using on them, and that got results. I absolutely love that the sachet can be used as a wash cloth, this works for me when bathing my infant as well as for my older son to use on himself. For both of them, MogiMogi Baby has done wonders. So glad I found it!

Got very smooth skin and easy, safe way to wash

I usually give a bath joining in tub with baby. Mogimogi is fun way to take a bath. Love the milky water. Makes baby and my skin sooo smooth. Also love the fact you can use it as a wash cloth. So convenient. When she has a rash, I love to use mogimogi to wash her rashly area. I feel like it smooth and heels better. Now we use it for every bath!

Our favorite!

These baby pouches are our new favorite for bath time! My baby's skin felt like butter after her bath last night!

Smooth and soft

My son has bathed with mogi mogi a couple times now and his skin is definitely smoother and less itchy already!

Best organic and natural bath soap/shampoo/conditioner on the market with only 3 ingredients!

After spending months researching organic and natural bathing products for my baby, I finally found the one! There's honestly nothing like this out on the market. Mogimogi only has 3 ingredients and I can pronounce them all! My baby's skin is smooth and silky after his bath. It's naturally tear-free and there's no added fragrance. I do add a few drops of baby safe essential oils in the bathtub though but that's just personal preference.

Natural and affective

My daughter loves it and I love not using harmful steroid cream on her gentle skin to fight eczema. Great product.

Spa feel in my bathtub!

Me and my kids use this and I have to say I’m hooked due to its milky feel that I looove!

Great product

Super fast shipping, excellent responsiveness and great product. We love it! Thank you guys!

Effective and safe

My son has eczema on his stomach. I used it last night and his skin became so much softer after the bath. The rash on his stomach was definitely improved this morning!

Works in adults too

I love love love it !! I tried it only once on my eczema and it worked !! No more red and itchiness!! So for baby’s and adults I highly recommended this product!!

My son sleeps better!

At four months, my son was diagnosed with baby eczema. No one in my family has eczema so We didnt know anything on how to keep it under control other than to use steroids! Our pediatrician prescribed 0.05% steroid cream for our infant son because otc products were too weakfor his eczema. None of thebath products out worked for him until i found mogimogi baby. I bathe him using this twice a day and this worked. His skin got softer immediately after first use two weeks later his skin started clearing up and he started sleeping better!!!

I love the cotton bag

I used the product the other night for my baby boy's eczema. It helped so much! The cotton bag was so gentle on his skin. I washed him from head to toe with the bag. His skin was very soft after the bath!

Good for diaper rash

I used the bath treatment for my baby's diaper rash. I definitely found it helped it.

It works

I was pleasantly surprised.


Free Trial - Soothing Yomogi and Oatmeal Bath Treatment

Works on eczema

Simply loved it! My daughter has eczema on her legs and this helped a lot. She also sleeps better every time I use mogi mogi.

Safe and soothing

My son was so relaxed and the bath pack smelt soooo good! This is exactly the type of safe and soothing products we need for his eczema.