Safe, Natural & Effective Baby Heat Rash Remedy

My 3 year old son started at his first preschool a month ago. It was a big change for him and for myself, and he cried for two weeks. Finally, after that rough beginning, he started liking school around his third week in, and of course, I was so relieved. Everything seemed to be going well. Just when I was thinking that, another problem came to light.

He started suffering from bad heat rash.

It has been sooo hot here in LA, and L.A. county has issued a heat wave warning. It was so hot, the heat has broken records with triple-digit temperatures:

"Unprecedented" heat wave sets new records.

L.A. county issues heat wave warning for the week ahead.

I first noticed the small red area on his neck. He was constantly scratching the area, even though I told him not to. It’s tough getting a preschooler to stop scratching when they are itchy! On the second day, I saw that it had quickly spread to his neck, his upper chest area, and his cheek. His skin was so rough and filled with small bumps. I was so sad. I had experienced this exact same sad feeling about two years ago when he started developing eczema.

This time, I didn’t let the same thing happen. I knew I needed to treat him right away without using any kind of steroid product.

My son LOVES mogi mogi and he bathes using mogi mogi pretty regularly. This time, he said “Mommy, I need mogi mogi. It makes my itchy skin disappear.”

Since that day I started bathing him for at least 20 minutes with the mogi mogi bath. Now that he is a toddler, it is much easier to bathe him with mogi mogi. He will put the mogi bath pack on any area that is itching and rest it there for five minutes or a facial mask.

how to get rid of heat rash using natural mogi mogi bath pack remedy

I will then squeeze the bag, get the milky essence on my palm, and rub it into whichever area of his skin is affected. I keep repeating this for at least twenty times. My husband thinks I am a crazy mom but I knew it would work!

toddler testing mogi mogi baby natural heat rash remedy

I did this treatment for three days. This morning I checked his skin, and I would say about 80% of bumps were gone! Yay! I am the creator of this mogi mogi bath pack and I truly love this product from my bottom of my heart. This is the product that I believe in and want all the parents to give it a try.

When you have a skin problem, it does take a lot of time and effort to fix it. However, I strongly believe that adding our bath pack into your everyday bath routine will help to keep hydrating the skin and ensure that the skin stays silky smooth.

Lifestyle blogger Suzie also proved that our mogi mogi bath pack made her son’s heat rashes disappear:

We had a recent heatwave in LA which caused Ronan (my youngest) to get heat rashes. It was so bad, my poor baby was itchy all over his body. We used mogi mogi baby on him for 3 days - that was the amount in our bath pack and it was just enough to soothed his skin and help make those rashes disappear. He loved his bath and he had fun using the cotton pack as his personal washcloth. It was gentle on his scalp, face, and body...AND it was gentle enough for his toy dinosaur. :) There was no need for his body wash or his shampoo because this bath pack cleaned him as well. It’s a great all-in-one product!”

Read more on her blog

The mogi mogi baby soothing bath pack is designed for sensitive skin. Adults can of course benefit from it, as well! If you or your family member is suffering from heat rash, please give our bath pack a try for at least 3 continuous days to see results in the reduction of itching, redness, and bumps.

mogi mogi baby bath pack is made with only 3 plant-based ingredients.  To see why our bath pack works well on the skin problems, read our ingredient list here

Happy parenting!