7 natural remedies to treat baby eczema

Adult eczema is easier to treat than baby eczema

I had bad eczema which started when I was 35 years old.  Steroids, such as hydrocortisone cream which is available over-the-counter, or prescription ointments containing more potent corticosteroids, are often recommended to reduce inflammation. Although I did use steroid many times, I used mostly natural remedies. Oatmeal bath, coconut oil, green tea, rooibos tea, and the list goes forever.  Adult eczema is easier to treat in a way because we can consume orally where a baby cannot safely consume. (I took a horrible tasting Chinese medicine for two weeks.  There is no way that I would make my baby do the same).  Additionally, stress might be a cause for eczema and as an adult we can do yoga or other physical activities to reduce stress.  Stress is one of the main causes of adult eczema.

Baby eczema treatment is limited

However when it comes to treating for baby eczema, because baby is not able to “eat or drink” and do yoga, the options are limited.

boy is in confused

Watch out for allergy reaction when trying natural remedies for baby eczema

What can you really do? As a mom, I could only either “avoid” the things that could cause the eczema or “apply” the things that could soothe the eczema. When it comes to natural treatment, you need to be extra cautious about allergic reactions. For example, coconut oil is widely known as natural remedies for treating eczema baby, but my dermatologist told me to test it first because nothing is totally safe when your baby has an eczema condition. The eczema baby is more likely to have allergy reaction than an adult.

7 natural remedies that worked on my son’s eczema

Today I will share with you my best 7 natural remedies that I used treat my son’s baby eczema. The below are all known to be hyperallergic and gentle on any type of baby skin. However, I want you to be still careful testing any of them for the first time.

1. Oatmeal

is recommended by numerous pediatricians and dermatologist as an effective tool to reduce itchy and inflamed skin. Colloidal oatmeal which is basically “powdered oatmeal” is widely sold in the market. The problem is that it would create huge mess. Mogi Mogi Baby Pack never leaves the mess or clogs the drain!

2. Yomogi

Yomogi is Asian magic herb that treat everything. My favorite treatment is yomogi bath. Unfortunately, we don’t have fresh yomogi here in the US. I see yomogi everywhere in Japan! You can purchase Yomogi online however most yomogi sold contains harsh stems which you will have to remove.  Our yomogi is specially inspected and completely stem free.

yomogi natural remedy for baby with dry skin

3. Cold pressed coconut oil

You can apply coconut oil to the skin.  It is a natural remedy for dry skin. However, for severe cases you must apply it several times a day.   Also , should you decide to use it, please make sure it is organic and cold pressed.  

4. Calendula

It’s an ingredient in some diaper creams.  I did pick up a lotion from the pharmacy.  It helped but I found it to be less effective than oatmeal.  According to Mountain Rose Herbs,  Calendula is an annual flower native to the northern Mediterranean countries.  As recently as 70 years ago, American physicians used calendula to treat cuts, scrapes, bruises, and burns, as well as minor infections of the skin.

5. Aloe Vera

I found that it provided temporary relief. I used a topical solution that I found at the local grocery.  It’s natural, has anti-inflammatory properties, and hydrating properties.   Again, be mindful of allergies.  Test on a small area of the skin before applying all over the body.

6. Turmeric

 I made a turmeric paste that I applied to his skin. I used a recipe I found on an online parenting site. The paste was made from turmeric, sandalwood paste and saffron mixed with a bit of raw milk. If you apply the paste to your baby’s skin, let it dry 15 or so minutes before wiping it off.  Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory.  

7. Manuka Honey

honey remedy for eczema

First off, I had no idea what this was until it was recommended to me.  For those that don’t know, manuka honey is made by bees that pollinate in the Manuka bush.  It has a higher level of enzymes than regular honey and contains a natural hydrogen peroxide that is antibacterial.   I added it directly to the affected areas and let it soak in.  It does have a sticky residue.   Later i found that there is a cream that is made that is less sticky and easier to apply.  It’s Organic Manuka Honey Cream from the Eczema Company.  The honey is mixed into a cream with other organic ingredients including olive oil, grapeseed oil, and beeswax.  It’s thick and creamy and applies much easier than the honey alone.

Better start treating eczema today than later

All of the above natural remedies are less likely cause the reaction and easy to purchase. All of the above are good for a baby’s dry skin or eczema.  They are worth trying out.  When it comes to “applying”, you can create your homemade lotion, cream or healing balm. Or wrap few ingredients in the organic cotton bag and blend in the bath water. I personally found that bathing with natural moisturizers is the best treatment for baby eczema.