Soothing Baby Oil with Yomogi

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Infused with Yomogi, this baby oil calms dry and irritated skin. It improved the skin barrier making it ideal daily skin care routine for eczema and cradle cap. 


How to use:

Pour the desired amount on your palms and gently rub into the skin avoiding the eyes. The best time to apply is immediately after bathing, locking in moisture. 

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer VanDerhoef
My Kids Need This

My family swears by Mogi Mogi oatmeal bath soak. It seriously changed our lives%21 Our son had eczema so bad.. he would be scratching himself while he slept at only a few years old.. we tried everything over the counter and prescriptions .. I heard another mom suggest this company on a mom site and tried it and from that point everything changed%21%21 No more eczema.. no more flare ups%21%21 My daughter never had an issue at all because she’s only been bathed with Mogi Mogi%21we tried the oil and it really helps after bath%2Fshowers to seal in the moisture ..we had a follow up dermatologist appointment and she even asked what my son was using as she noticed the difference. We are Mogi mogi’s %23 1 fans and are so grateful that the founder of this company is sharing her products with all of us%21%21 Life changing%21%21

Sheena Klotz
The best thing ever!!

I love love this product ever since I found it on Amazon while browsing for best eczema oat bath. It relieves my sons eczema especially when it flares up due to his food allergies or weather temp.

Soothing Baby Oil

The soothing baby oil has been such relief for my grand baby. She has eczema skin issues on her face and scalp. The oil has calmed her inflammations and has given her relief. I love your products🤩Thank you Mogi Mogi.

Nina U.
Love this oil

My 2-year old daughter has eczema and her skin gets very itchy. Especially her stomach and inner arms and thighs. We spend a lot on figuring out what all natural solutions we can find including shea butter and coconut oil. We do not use too much products with more than 5 ingredients. We notice that this oil paired with the oatmeal yomogi bath packets are helping her to not itch as frequently and her skin isn’t as inflamed. We are happy with this product so far, but we wish the bottle was bigger for what you’re paying.

Tesia Rodriguez
Eczema body rash

Hello , I want to say we have used the night time oil a week not and most the rash is gone my daughters skin is so soft I’m so happy with this product . THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM
OF OUR HEARTS ! we have tried so many products .

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