Soothing Baby Oil with Yomogi

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Infused with Yomogi, this baby oil calms dry and irritated skin. It improved the skin barrier making it ideal daily skin care routine for eczema and cradle cap. 


How to use:

Pour the desired amount on your palms and gently rub into the skin avoiding the eyes. The best time to apply is immediately after bathing, locking in moisture. 

Customer Reviews

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Trying out the bath pack and falling in love with it had me wondering what the oil was like. I usually hate oils they’re always watery, runny and make a mess. I am so glad I gave this oil a try it’s not like any other I’ve tried. Its consistency is perfect not too thick and easy to handle. I was so shocked on how I did not make a mess. My daughters skin has never felt softer.

TEra Molina

So grateful that Ms. Mayumi took the time to create share with the world what she found to help with her baby’s eczema. All we can do as parents is try everything under the sun until we find something that works/helps with our LOs skin. Every baby’s eczema is different and not everything works but gratefully, this helps smooth and nourish my LOs skin. I use it in an ever changing regimen (as her eczema changes and improves, products that didn’t help before start to help and vice versa). These products, however, remain a constant. Thank you Ms. Mayumi. Your struggle with your LOs eczema back then, became a testimony for many others 🙏🏾

Great Products!!-Both Oil and Bath Pack

My daughter has an eczema, and the smoothing baby oil has been keeping her skin flares calm and moist. I have also been using the bath packs, and seen improvements on my daughter’s eczema.

As a parent, what I love about mogimogi baby products are that ingredients are all natural that I am comfortable to use them on my kid.

Maicy Rojas
Best product ever!

My son has bad eczema since he was about 4 months and he had one spot that scabbed up, bleed, and cracked. Since pairing it with the oatmeal bags, this has cleared up a majority of son’s eczema! I didn’t think I would see his back clear up and I almost gave up but this brand, this company made it possible and it is a god sent. Thank you so much for making this and sharing it with the world!

Richelle Rutledge
Oatmeal bath

First off the service of this company is sooo amazing. The product is phenomenal! After just one bath, my sons eczema was reduced. Thank you so much

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